Many entrepreneurs  rush into starting poultry farming after hearing success stories but do not have directions as to how to start or continue. To worsen their plight, they fall into the hands of

wrong advisers but do not know much about what is really happening on the ground. They are wrongfully advised or directed and at the end of the day they fold up and leave their farms halfway or either completely destroyed complaining that farming is hard.

With our experienced and professional team of Poultry consultants we can help you succeed by guiding you all the way from scratch. Our services provides the following:

  • Help in setting up the poultry project
  • General Advice on Poultry Investment
  • Project planning and Assessment
  • Breeds of chicken in Kenya
  • How to incubate eggs
  • Housing and hygiene
  • Feeding and Appliances
  • Diseases and Parasites
  • Marketing Poultry Products
  • Financial Projections
  • Market Analysis