If you are involved in fish farming in Kenya and would like to improve your business or you are thinking of starting a fish farming business, Graduate Farmer has experienced professional aqua-culture consultants ready to provide solutions to almost any needs you have.

Planning and analysis – experience driven approach to develop projects, manage costs and minimize risk. With consultants who have extensive experience with advanced aquaculture technologies, Graduate Farmer provides a full range of consulting services which includes feasibility studies, site surveys, and development of cost models and business plans. Feasibility studies address species, technology, infrastructure and environmental requirements. Site surveys focus on suitability for intended purpose and water resource availability and quality.

Comparative analysis is used to show the effects of growth rates, feed conversion efficiency and resource costs on overall production costs. In existing facilities, process and facility assessments focus on opportunities for management, technology and product quality improvements.

 Survey & Feasibility study

Initial survey of the different factors, which includes markets size, products, prices, distribution chain, in order to assist with the best recommendations.

Crucial study during the survey would be the farm’s site, its water supply, quality, distance from markets, production technique, feed supply and more.

Farm Set Up construction 

Graduate Farmer will be dedicated to you during the operation of the farm to train your management team, workers and to operate the farm in order to maximize production and profit. This stage of farm operation  periodical visit to your farm and check on progress. Graduate Farmer will strive to maximize your profit, while never forget environmental and social hazards.

Some of the services are;

  • Selecting a good pond site
  • Integrating fish culture into your farm
  • Marketing your fish
  • Type of Fish Ponds: Design and Layout
  • Pond construction
  • Types of Fish
  • Stocking your fishpond
  • Feeding your fish
  • Managing water and soil quality in your pond
  • Preventing fish diseases and controlling predators
  • Harvesting your fish
  • Intensifying production in your fishponds
  • Keeping fish farm records