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Farming is never easy to start. We all experience different challenges everyday and knowing how to navigate through all these challenges is not easy. Our  team of experts are here to make farming a smooth experience for you.


As a member on our consultation platform you will get the privilege of getting technical and business advice via email, our WhatsApp groups, farm visits and regular phone calls.

Hands On Experience

Our consultants deliver independent, credible, hands on approach and evidence based advice to help you get started on your farming venture.


By using our consultancy network, you have access to an independent resource to help identify opportunities and to make the best decisions to advance your agribusiness goals.

Graduate Farmer Consultation provides expert advice with a practical hands on approach to integrated farm management and agronomy for low input agriculture. Our services focus on profitable and sustainable farming systems that follow best practice commercial principles for business, soils and the environment.

graduate-farmer-consultationOur team of consultants are spread out in all counties to combine local knowledge with a wide range of technical expertise covering many aspects of dairy farming, horticulture, poultry and fish farming.

Our farm consultancy services are tailor made to your business with key areas of expertise summarized in our Get Started tab . If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch